<img src="http://brianwoodonline.com/ghost.png"><br>long haul
<img src="http://brianwoodonline.com/ghost.png"><br>long haul

long haul

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" Long Haul " a truly special dynamic stand alone piece. Printed with multiple textures on a mid-weight black crew. This design features DTG printing of a realistic desert road... Printed over the DTG is the Blood Moon Clouds + Lightening in a 4 color process screen print, with a final overlay Never Die screen-print in plastisol ink. The crewneck has a split hood cut from vintage t-shirts, making this garment a BWOOD Cut and Sew 1 of 1 " vintage mashup " garment. The back of this piece is offset printed with the BWOOD logos in tonal ink. Made in New York